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    GFG Me-Cha茶 Trial Packs – Preorder

    Back in CNY 2023, Getfashiongenic introduced you our new product line,GFG Me-Cha茶!!!
    You can now enjoy the tea in trial packs before any bulk puchase! The trial packs also make a good size of gift to someone you love.

    With the basis of rose, GFG has created 3 flavours tea for your selection namely GFG Me-Cha茶 Rose Tea, GFG Me-Cha茶 Lemon-Rose Tea and GFG Me-Cha茶 Ginger-Rose Tea.

    Naming it Me-Cha because we want this new product line to be a form of self-care awareness for you.
    Self-care can be a simple as drinking a cuppa of healthy rose tea where rose itself brings alot of benefits to your body, especially for the women.

    Get a book, make a cuppa of Me-Cha茶, and simply enjoy the me-time with the layers of floral taste, scents, or the infusion with a tinge of refreshing lemon or ginger.

    GetFashionGenic’s Guidelines:

    1. Trial packs are ideal for those who wish to try out the taste of the different blends before you bulk purchase after deciding which might be your favourite.
    2. Ideal packs for travel or gifting!

    Ingredients: Premium Organic Rose (Different from your usual rose tea), Dried Lemon slices, Ginger Brown Sugar cubes with rose.

    1) Trial packs come in a set of 3:
    – Packet 1 – GFG Me-Cha茶 Rose Tea
    – Packet 2 – GFG Me-Cha茶 Lemon-Rose Tea
    – Packet 3 – GFG Me-Cha茶 Ginger-Rose Tea

    2) Individual Packs 
    – If you do not want to purchase a set of 3, you can choose the flavour you wish to try and purchase in individual packs instead.

    Directions to Making a Cup of Me-Cha:
    1) For the floral versions (GFG Me-Cha Rose & GFG Me-Cha Lemon-Rose)
    – take about a tablespoon of rose or 1.5 tablespoon of rose (for stronger rose taste) and put it into the strainer.
    – For Me-Cha Lemon-Rose, add 2 to 3 slices of dried lemon.
    – Pour hot water (best at 85degree celsius for floral versions as floral petals are best in taste at 85 degree celsius instead of boiling 100 degree celsius)
    – Cover your cup with a lid for about 5-8mins and your tea is ready for drinking!

    2) For Ginger-Rose cubes
    – Use boiling hot water at 100 degree celsius to melt the cube & simply drink it after stirring well.
    – Contents in the drink is all safe for drinking and consumption.

    Note: After ordering, please allow 1 week for us to dispatch as this is a pre-order based on your order quantity so that we can keep the ingredients fresh for you! 

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