2-Piece Satin Scrunchies Set (Silver & Purple)


Satin is a material that is always effortlessly elegant because of its glossy/shiny outlook.
Tie your hair up with this pair of satin scrunchies in their beautiful soft colours of silver and purple.

GetFashionGenic’s Guidlelines:
– For all the satin lovers of comfort and elegance!
– Quality fabric-sewn scrunchies for the girlies!
– Short hair? No problem, wear it as a bracelet !
– Suited for both adults and kids! 

Material: Fabric-sewn.
Colours:  Black-based for Corgi & Pug , Grey Base for Pug (True to picture) 
Dimensions / Specification
1 set of 2 piece scrunchies:
– 1 Greyish Silver Satin Scrunchie
– 1 Purple Satin Scrunchie 

Note: Due to the nature of handmade sewn and fabric-cut, each piece design might vary depending on where the fabric is being cut. This is not considered a defect. 

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Cream, Pink


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