3-Piece Doggo Scrunch Set (Corgi & Pug)


This set of scrunchies are so adorable, the pet lovers cannot resist for sure!
Comes in three, we only have limited stock for this set of Corgi and pug scrunchies.
So don’t miss them!

GetFashionGenic’s Guidlelines:
– A precious set for the doggo lovers / pet lovers
– Quality fabric-sewn scrunchies for the girlies!
– Short hair? No problem, wear it as a bracelet !
– Suited for both adults and kids! 

Material: Fabric-sewn.
Colours:  Black-based for Corgi & Pug , Grey Base for Pug (True to picture) 
Dimensions / Specification
1 set of 3 piece scrunchies:
– 1 Black-based Corgi Scrunchie
– 1 Black-based Pug Scrunchie
– 1 Grey-based Pug Scrunchie 

Note: Due to the nature of handmade sewn and fabric-cut, each piece design might vary depending on where the fabric is being cut. This is not considered a defect. 

Out of stock

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Cream, Pink


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