Basic Denim Tote Bags (Available in Dark Wash / Light Wash)


A basic premium-quality tote bag that’s made from denim and comes with inner compartments as well! 
Let’s save the earth and say no to plastics with more tote bags like that! 

GetFashionGenic’s Guidlelines:
– Say no to plastic bags, bring a tote bag while shopping to store your items!
– Effortlessly chic with any outfits .
– Comes with inner compartment and outer compartment, this tote can store so many things for you!
– After many uses, you feel like it’s dirty? No fret, just wash it like your denim jeans! 

Material: Quality-Denim.

Colours:  Dark wash / light wash.

Dimensions / Specifications
40cm in width , 39cm in length (without strap) 63cm in length including straps

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