Assorted Kids Masks (Lemon Prints / Pink Bunny Prints / Colourful Bunny Prints) – Ship out on 27th June 2020


Getfashiongenic brought in 3 adorable prints for your little ones to wear these cute masks when they are out, especially during their school moments! Little ones can look fashiongenic as well while trying to be safe from the Covid-virus.

GetFashionGenic’s Guidlelines:
– Stay safe, wear a mask at ALL times!
– Protect your kids by making them wear these adorable masks!
– Side is adjustable.
– Filters can be added on, masks are washable and reusable.
– When the covid is over, these masks are still useful for your kids during travel especially in cold weathers or countries with sudden bad weather like haze.

Material: Fabric-made.

1) Lemon Prints – Outer and inner are white-based, with lemons of yellow and green prints. 
2) Pink Bunny Prints – Outer is pink-based with white rabbits. Inner portion is white-based. 
3) Colourful Bunny Prints – Outer is white-based with purple, yellow, red, green rabbits. Inner portion is white-based. 

Dimensions / Specifications
Size :  Fits little ones from age 2 – 9 thereabout. (Straps can be adjustable)
(There is a slot where you can insert your own mask filter) 

Note: As the pieces are fabric-sewed where different parts of the fabric are used, prints may differ from pieces to pieces and this difference is NOT a defect. 

These masks will be shipped from 27 June 2020 onwards. 



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