Atlantic Polymer Clay Earstud (Handmade)


~Specially handmade with love~

Handmade Polymer clay earstud in floral shape that can literally goes well with any of your outfits!
Your everyday needed earstuds starts from here!

GetFashionGenic’s Guidelines:
– Blue is always a neutral colour that goes well with anything like that of black and white.
– Pair with any outfits for your new year countdown / CNY and look brightened up with it!
– Do not wear to shower as clay is not water-resistant.
– Flaunt your unique piece on any occasions for you’ll be the only one wearing this. All brushstrokes of every piece is different, that’s what made it extraordinary! 

Marbled-Blue, White, Grey

Material / Components: Polymer Clay , Metal for ear stud.
(Note: Not water-resistant, Not advisable for wear to shower/swim)

Size: 2cm x 2cm (Width x Height) 

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