Crosstees Ring (925 Silver, Adjustable)


Thick rings always make your style aloud.
Pair this with a slightly smaller ring like that in the picture (with our Twizee ring) to make your ring style stand out!  

GetFashionGenic’s Guidelines:
– Simple but unique and can pair / layer with any rings or looks good on its own.
– Durable piece made with 925 Silver.
– Can be an everyday piece.
– Can be a gift for someone because the ring size is adjustable!
– Gender-neutral piece! 

Material: 925 Silver
Colours:  Silver 
Dimensions / Specification
– Ring is adjustable, suited for all ring sizes.

Tips for 925 Silver Jewelry: 
~ Authentic 925 sterling silver does not rust or cause your skin to be green!
~ Real 925 Silver jewelry usually come with imprint of ‘925’ on the jewelry. 
~ Store 925 Silver jewelry in cool and dark places to allow it to be in its best form. 
~ Upon residue formation / tarnishing, simply use a silver cloth to clean it and it will be as good as new again. 
~ You may also wash 925 jewelry in a lukewarm water mixture with baking soda plus. 

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