Empress Emerald Earring (Hypoallergenic with 925 silver stud)


This pair contains the elements of chalcedony which is also beneficial to oneself. 

Benefits of Chalcedony: 
It brings the mind, body, and spirit into alignment and harmony. It is a protective stone that absorbs negative vibrations and energy, allowing it to dissipate to prevent onward transmission.
It is a very nurturing stone that promotes and enhances goodwill and stability within groups of people.
It encourages empathy and understanding and brings calming vibrations to potential areas of conflict between individuals. 

GetFashionGenic’s Guidelines:
–  Pairs well with any style of outfits.
– Suitable for sensitive ears.
– Oriental style suited for any ladies or even your mums!
– Great for anyone who wishes to immerse in the benefits of chalcedony!

Material: Gold Copper, Green Crystals, Chalcedony beads, Hypoallergenic 925 Silver Studs.
Colours: Gold, Green.

Dimensions / Specifications:
– About 4.4cm in length
– Weight: About 12g

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