Exclusive – Handmade Green Phantom Quartz Crystal Bracelet


Handmade with love, Getfashiongenic brings you crystal clear Green Phantom Quartz (绿幽灵) bracelet that’s suited for all wrist sizes. Read more below to find out the benefits of this crystal. 

To top up more benefits of green phantom quartz:  
– helps work on self-healing and regeneration, and assist in facilitating the detoxification process by removing unwanted energy.
– can be used in all meditations and can be held or placed on the relevant chakra.
– can attract wealth.
– is a master healer.

GetFashionGenic’s Guidelines:
–  Pairs well with any style of outfits.
– Good for everyday-wear.
– Great for those who wants the benefits of healing and wealth!
– Remove before shower / swim. 

Material: Quality Crystal, and beads.
Colours: Natural as shown.

Dimensions / Specifications:
– Bracelet is elastic.

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