Florida Crystal Beads Charm Bracelet (In Blue & Pink)


Delicately made with different kinds of exquisite crystal beads and underwater fantasy of seashell, float and fish charms, this bracelet is so well-made you wouldn’t be able to resist! 

GetFashionGenic’s Guidlelines:
– Have a thin wrist / thick wrist? No fret, this is with an elastic band for all wrist sizes!
– Despite having the so many details, the bracelet is not heavy / wrist-burden.
– Easy-wearing for your everyday outfits!

Colour Denotation: 
– Pink : Heart-healing piece that adds more calmness, kindness and love to your life! 
– Blue: Brings you the basis of trust, faith and patience in what you do. 

Material: Crystal beads, Metal Alloys, Elastic band.

Dimensions / Specifications
Size :  Elastic, Fits All Wrist Sizes. 

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