Handmade Batik Scrunchies (Available in 4 colours)


A scrunchie comes handy all the time be it for work, travel, sunshine or shower.
But having an exquisite one can make you stand out from your form of uniqueness!
Inspired with batik prints, these scrunchies are super quality pieces that you must own! 

GetFashionGenic’s Guidelines:
–  Washable & durable.
–  With its handmade nature, no one else owns the same scrunchie as you!
– Top Notch quality and prints that has golden strokes shine 🙂
– SIA Batik Series makes a good souvenir gift for your overseas friend with the symbol of Singapore. 


Colours: Batik prints in Blue / Pink or SIA Batik Prints in Red / Green

Material: Soft Cotton (washable)

– As the scrunchies are handmade, the prints differ from piece to piece and may be different from what is shown here.
– This is not a defect as each individual piece is unique on its own. 

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PINK Batik, BLUE Batik, SIA Red Batik, SIA Green Batik


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