Prosperity Red-Green Polymer Clay Earstud (Premium Handmade & Designed))


 THE PRESTIGENIC by GetFashiongenic (PREMIUM label)
JAN 2020 NEW addition to our premium label – CNY SERIES:

~HANDMADE  & CUSTOMISED DESIGN WITH POLYMER CLAY (Hypoallergenic with 925 Silver Needles)~

Specially designed and handmade by Getfashiongenic, this pair of floral polymer earstud stole our hearts with its vibrant colours and delicate design.

We assure that be it quality, uniqueness or outfit-match, this pair of prosperity earstud is PERFECT for elegant women like you!

GetFashionGenic’s Guidlelines:
– Pair the red-green prosperity earstud with your CNY outfit – preferably in white / black / red / green / blue / yellow.
– A special gift to someone special or your beloved loved ones
– Wear them out on casual fridays with your casual look! TGIF~
– Clay is not waterproof in nature, advisable to remove before swimming / showering / prior to any contact with water. 

Colour: Red, Teal, Lime Green, Yellow .
(Also available in RED-GOLD) 

Material / Components: 925 Silver Needles, Hypoallergenic Needles, Polymer Clay

Type of Earrings: Ear-Studs (Light-weight)

Size of each stud : 4.2cm in length

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