Ugly Duckling Fabric Drawstring Pouch (In Dark Blue / Light Blue)


Handmade fabric-sewn pouch in duckie prints for all ages be it kids / adults!
These duckie pouches are so adorable it’s really difficult to resist!

GetFashionGenic’s Guidlelines:
– Organize your bag by storing necessities like your sanitizer, medicated oil, eye drop , key , hand cream etc in this pouch so that it can ease your findings especially when you are carrying a big bag or a backpack where items are difficult to retrieve.
– Simply carry a few dollar notes, coins , tissue paper and off you go for lunch! 

Material: Fabric-made (Handmade) with lining & black drawstring.

Colours: Dark Blue pouch / Light Blue pouch

Dimensions / Specifications
Size :  estimated 18cm x 14cm 

Note: As the pieces are fabric-sewed where different parts of the fabric are used, prints may differ from pieces to pieces and this difference is NOT a defect. 



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