Vintage Warning Sign Metal Plate Decor Card


Gone are the days to write on a traditional Christmas card!

We love how this retro metal plate card works!
Handpicked from Germany, this is definitely a rare piece you will not regret!
We gonna be certain that the recipients gonna love it!

FASTEST FINGERS FIRST because once gone, it’s never gonna be back anymore!

GetFashionGenic’s Guidelines:
–  Use this unique metal plate card to write to your loved ones for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, event invitations or simply to encourage or motivate them!
– Such a pretty metal plate card and you don’t want to write on it? Sure! Use it as a vintage house decor, why not?
– A Collector of vintage items? Add this into your valued collections!

Yellow and Black (Front Graphics)
Black & White (Backside)

Material / Components:

  • Extra strong steel sheet metal (Front) , Paper (Back)
  • Motif embossed on several layers and curved

Note: Metal Plate is originally not of a flat surface. It is made uniquely this way and this is not a defect.
The back of the metal card is coated with paper and can be written on with a pen.

Size: 10cm (Width) x 14cm (Height) 

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