World Map Vintage Accessories Box


Chocolates / Candies are always part of Christmas,
This season, stop the use of plastic wrappings / xmas plastic bags and let’s practice eco-friendly ethics.
Store your munch into this box as a gift, unique and environmental-friendly! 

GetFashionGenic’s Guidelines:
–  Pack little surprises for your loved ones in this vintage box and play a role in conserving the environment today by not using plastic wraps !
– Use this vintage boxes as accessories boxes to store your earstuds / rings / clips.
– A Collector of vintage items? Add this into your valued collections!
– Simply use them as displays / photoshoot props!

Outer: Light Brown, Dark Brown, Black, Silver Metallic, Rustic off-yellow.
Inner: White

Material / Components: Metal / Steel

Size: 7cm (Length) x 3cm (Width) x 5cm (Height) 

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