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Collection 44: Doing What You Love Is A Form Of Self-Care

For 30th July 2021 new collection, expect something different from our usual launch!

This time we have the fashion-abstract trend to keep you reminded of your self-care routines where @getfashiongenic wants u to remember that self-love is important and there can be many forms of self-care to make yourself feel all good on the inside and outside .
Especially during difficult periods like now, we hope to be able to #spreadlove to you @getfashiongenic Stars!

Comes in 9 different designs, these fashion-abstract arts are made of quality cotton canvas where you can purchase in different specified sizes and frame up on your own to display in corners of your comfy house to remind you of the self-love.

See you at 8pm because you deserve that love 🙂

Shop: http://www.Getfashiongenic.com


Get Fashiongenic with us, 把自己变得好尚镜!